Our Code of Ethics

Modeled after the Society of Professional Journalists’ Code of Ethics, our staff has written and adopted our own code to ensure that our newspaper is informative, truthful, and ethical.

The members of the Tiger Times journalist team believe it is our duty to serve the public with truth, facts, thoroughness and devotion. We believe in our professional integrity as student journalists and will work to preserve it at all times. We, the staff, accept our code to report accurate and unbiased news; we believe in our facts, our sources and our words. We accept this code so that we may report the fairest and most accurate news we can to the public and for the public.

We will never plagiarize or distort content. We will not mislead—whether it be our readers or our sources—and we will always report the news thoroughly, making sure to remain unbiased and feature both sides in each news story.

We will show compassion and be sensitive to others. We will be especially sensitive when writing about, photographing and identifying g the students at our school. We will respect the privacy of all individuals and will not produce libelous or harmful news stories.

We will be open to all walks of life. We will distinguish between advocacy, advertising and news reporting. We will give voice to that which does not have a voice, whether it be a person, a group or an experience.

We will be open-minded and accepting of all public opinions and criticisms. We will remain willing to admit to and correct our mistakes. We will hold ourselves to a high ethical standard at all times.

Our Code of Ethics