Growing Opportunities at CFHS

The fresh farm at Cuyahoga Falls High school is growing new opportunities for students to learn everyday because of Steve Newlon and Steven McIntosh.

Thanks to the help from students over the summer they had an amazing growing season. This year, “the garden donated over 1,000 lbs of produce to good neighbors” said Newlon. 

That’s on top of the produce that went into the kitchen at the high school. 

High school senior Bella Wagner has been highly involved with the project since early last year. Although she has learned so many new things, Bella said her “ favorite thing to do with the garden is share with my classmates, teachers, and neighbors.” 

McIntosh credited the groups of students that helped out in the garden and said “it’s a happy accident that people get to learn from this.”

Throughout the spring and summer months of this year classes were given chances to help and learn in the garden. 

The woodworking classes built raised beds for the garden. Science classes come out every now and then to learn new things about plant life. There are sweet potatoes, different kinds of peppers, tomatoes, carrots, peas, oregano, sunflowers and marigolds.

Some career programs help out in the garden too. Auto tech operates the machinery they need. IMD, the commercial design team created the farm’s logo. 

Senior Kaitlyn Nemeth believes that the garden is giving back to the community. She added that “It’s a way to say thank you to a community that donates unconditionally to us.”  

Superintendent, Dr. Todd Nichols, attended the garden party on September 26th and gave a short speech before people began eating snacks from the garden. He said  “students learn best hands on,” and “that is exactly what we have here (in the garden).”

Overall the garden has not only brought new learning opportunities to many people, it has also proven to be a way to help the community by donations and bringing people together.