Valentine’s Day date ideas

Read about a few ways to show love to the most important people in your life, including your SO, your family, your friends and yourself!

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Valentine’s Day date ideas

Photo by Element5 Digital on Unsplash

Photo by Element5 Digital on Unsplash

Photo by Element5 Digital on Unsplash

Photo by Element5 Digital on Unsplash

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With Valentine’s Day coming up, love is in the air! However, this does not just mean love for a significant other, but also for your friends, family and, most importantly, yourself. Here are a few ways to show some love to everyone this Valentine’s Day.

Your Significant Other

Modern romance has evolved from the typical, old-fashioned dates. Be creative! Valentine’s Day is the day to celebrate your own personal relationship, so do what you both enjoy, whether it be playing video games, going to a new restaurant, seeing a new movie or just staying at home. For any animal lovers, Cuyahoga Falls has a new cat cafe, which could become a new potential date spot.

Many new shops have opened in the newly renovated Downtown Cuyahoga Falls. One new restaurant to check out is called CleanEatz, so you and your lover can head there to grab some grub!

Knowing what makes you and your partner feel loved is important. Knowing which love language you and your partner follow can make expressing your love easier and more valuable. Find out which one applies to you!

Your Friends and Family

Showing some extra love to the platonic relationships in your life is important for keeping them happy and healthy. For all my ladies reading, celebrate Galentine’s Day! This unofficial holiday is meant to celebrate all of the girl friendships in your life. So get together with your friends and plan something fun like making dinner or snacks, exchanging gifts, having a beauty day or anything else that you can bond over.

Simplify how you celebrate Valentine’s Day with your family. Show love! Talk about what you love about your family, make Valentines for them, bake or cook something together and spend time doing what the entire family enjoys.


Loving yourself. Sounds simple, right? It’s actually not as simple as it sounds. Take baby steps and treat yourself gently on the beautiful day of love.

Practice self-care! It’s the simplest way to say, “Hey self, I like you,” and it can make a world’s difference in how you feel about yourself.

Do what you love! Find your favorite hobby or skill and make time for it. It’s important to make time for what you enjoy because it relaxes your mind and body, lowers stress levels and build self-confidence.

Write. Write about anything and everything. Write what you feel, what you love, who you love, your goals, your achievements or anything else that comes to mind. Journaling de-clutters and de-stresses the mind. If you’re stuck on what exactly to write about, journaling prompts can help you get into the swing of writing.

Making yourself feel good on the outside makes you feel good on the inside. Taking a shower, putting on your best outfit, and getting “dolled up” can increase your confidence levels, making you feel good on the inside.

There are endless ways to express love this Valentine’s Day. Find which ways resonate best with you and make you feel best about showing love to everyone!