Prom fashion: 2019’s trends for formal wear

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With prom season coming up, high school boys and girls are scouring the web for the perfect formal fit that not only feels right for them, but will also showcase this year’s most favored trends.

Below are examples of 2019’s best prom fashion looks for girls and guys!


Sleek Velvet

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Velvet has been in style for awhile now, and, let’s just say, it’s not leaving any time soon. Putting on a sleek velvet dress or suit, especially in a deep red or black, is a good way to be simultaneously simplistic and classy. Velvet is one of those fabrics that’s a show stopper as much as it is comfy.

Bold Prints

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If you want all eyes on you, bolder is better. Large floral prints have been seen all over, and for good reason! Bold is beautiful and anyone, guy or girl, can rock that look. There have been so many different prints made on suits, the hardest part is choosing which you like the best!

Fancy Details

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One of the biggest trends this year: embroidery. Embroidery is gorgeous in all forms, but getting a glam prom dress with it? What can top that? This is trend central.

Glimmering Metallics

Picture from Alyce

Who doesn’t want to shimmer and dazzle with a liquid-like finish to their look? Why not shine brighter than the disco ball on your big night?

Juicy Greens

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For some reason, the color green has been getting a lot of love and attention as of late. I don’t think anyone’s really complaining about it either. For so long, green had been a color no one wanted to wear, but now it’s hard to see why. If you’re wearing green this prom season, heads will be turning when you walk through the door (and in the best possible way!)

Plunging Necklines

Picture from Jovani

The absolute best part about plunging necklines is layering your necklaces. You’re sure to be a true stunner in this style dress.

Bonus for guys:

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The key is to think outside the box! Some trending looks right now are plaids and bold colors like fiery reds and navy blues. Anything other than the typical black and white is sure to make a lasting impression!


I hope this guide helps you all to have the best prom night yet! Dance your heart out, and look good while doing it!