“At Eternity’s Gate” film review: Is it Oscar worthy?

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Okay everybody, it’s awards season. Are the rightful people going to win awards for their respective categories? Maybe, or maybe not. What’s more likely is that a movie that went under most people’s radar will sweep some of the awards. A lot of will scream and protest that these movies are less-than-deserving of awards, but that isn’t always the case. Many movies with beautifully crafted stories fly under the radar, and “At Eternity’s Gate” is no different.

Most people I talk to haven’t even heard of this film, but personally I thought it was very, very good and deserves an award. I hope I’m not alone in this thought, because Willem Dafoe’s performance is pretty incredible. Throughout the film, he shows real dedication to the role.

First, I’m going to give a quick summary of the plot of this movie without saying too much. The movie is–well it’s interesting. I think it’s something you should go see to form your own opinion on it. The film, which is rated PG-13, is about the last years of Vincent van Gogh’s life, as he spent it in Arles France painting the natural world he surrounded himself with. The concept alone is already kind of a hit or miss. I was interested to see it, but not super interested. If you are any bit intrigued. I do urge you see it and find out for yourself.

Okay, time for the big question: what categories is this movie nominated for? Well, it’s only up for one, Best Actor. Willem Dafoe is a good actor; I feel as though he really put his all into this role. He really seems to be in the mind frame of van Gogh. It’s tragic to watch as you get lost in the movie and forget that he’s an actor. His performance is amazing, but so are the performances of a lot of the other actors in this category. So, I guess we’ll have to wait see if he wins. Although I think he is deserving of this award, if you ask me, a win for Dafoe isn’t likely.