Starbucks: Good coffee is the answer

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Starbucks: Good coffee is the answer

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When you’re comparing Starbucks to Dunkin, there can only be one winner. It’s Starbucks, no doubt.

When you go to Starbucks, it just feels right. The coffee, the food, the merchandise and the environment. The coffee at Starbucks has a very real coffee taste. It is always the right temperature as well. You never have to blow on it to cool it down.

Their coffee options are really nice too. They have enough for a variety of options, but not too many that it makes you indecisive and overwhelmed. Plus, their seasonal options are always tasty, with the pumpkin spice latte or the toasted white chocolate frappuccino. A classmate of mine agrees, “I think they have a lighter range of options and they have more vegan options.” Does Dunkin have vegan options? The answer is no.

The food at Starbucks is also very good. They have sandwiches and desserts such as pastries or cookies. They even have the trendy cake pops in the case. Having a croissant or a cookie with a hot cup of coffee makes it all more enjoyable.

The merchandise at Starbucks’ stores is incredibly intricate. Dunkin doesn’t have mugs or even French presses. The only thing they really have are just cheap plastic cups. At Starbucks, the tumbler cups, mugs or travel mugs are usually made out of stainless steel, glass or another nice material. They keep your coffee hot or cold, however you prefer it. They make perfect gifts for the holidays or birthdays. They even have ornaments and cups that even represent your home state Ohio.

Finally, just like the mugs at Starbucks, Dunkin’s environment does not compete with Starbucks’ at all. Dunkin stores are very orange and look like a child decorated it. Starbucks stores have art and great seating with free WiFi. At Starbucks, the people are very quiet and not loud, so when you decide to dine in you won’t be distracted by the people around you. They keep to themselves because most people at Starbucks have things to do, unlike at Dunkin.

So if you want delicious coffee in a nice clean environment while getting a pastry and picking out a thoughtful gift for someone you love, then I think we both know where to go.

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Starbucks: Good coffee is the answer