2018 One Acts impresses all

One Acts is a theater program at Cuyahoga Falls High School that never fails to impress. This year’s show, held on Feb. 1 and 2 in the Little Theater, definitely did not disappoint. Featuring four student-directed plays with different casts and characters, each of the plays were funny, emotional and sometimes eye-opening.

The first play was called “No More Mr. Nice Guy” and was directed by senior Audrey Sondles. The play is about a man who lives a community of bad-mannered people. The man gets in trouble with the police for being a good person which, in this community, is against the law. The police introduce him to the most bad-mannered person in their community to teach him to be like everyone else. In the end, his personality changes and he learns to be a little more of a bad person. The plot was very funny, and so were the characters.

The second play was called “Confession: Kafka in High School,” directed by senior Olivia Wolfram. A student is pulled from his bed at night and taken to his high school, where he is interrogated by his principal. He has absolutely no idea what is going on, nor what he is being interrogated for. Ironically, no one will tell him what he did wrong. His principal wants him to confess and apologize, but he does not know what to apologize for. A model student, he simply cannot figure out what he could have possibly done. Many students protest to free him and believe what he is doing is right, and he becomes the hero of the school, even though he has no idea why. Later, the principal lets him go because another student confessed. Still, the principal would not tell the student what he was accused of doing. It was very funny and kept the audience wondering what he did wrong.

The third play was called “Speed Date” and was directed by Katie Frank, another senior. A man and a woman go on dates to find their perfect match. It was indicated that both dated each other previously and did not know they would see each other at the same dating meetup. Each person went on dates with people who were definitely not a good match. Although neither person ended up feeling a connection with any of the people they went on dates with, they found each other again at the end. It was a very sweet play with a comedic side to it.

The fourth and final play was called “4 A.M.,” directed by senior Abigail Kubasek, and it was about what goes on a four in the morning and the different thoughts and feelings that are experienced during this dark time of night. This play was a bit more emotional, with many different themes throughout that sent clear messages to the audience. The beginning started off funny with two girls having a sleepover. One wants to sleep, while the other wants to stay up and talk. It was four in the morning and both girls had different views on how a sleepover was supposed to go. The one who wanted to stay up felt they were supposed to be up late talking about boys and other things, and the other girl just wanted to sleep. They spend their time trying to convince each other of what they wanted and eventually reach a compromise. Next were two boys were also having a sleepover. They seemed bored and were playing a game. At one point, one of them seemed to start having a breakdown, but his friend helped him and got his mind off of it. The next featured character was a girl who was afraid there was a monster under her bed and couldn’t sleep because of it. “Police” eventually came to her home to get the monster out. but she told them not to, explaining that instead of trying to get over your fears, you should embrace them. Another part showed a boy and a girl who have feelings for one another wondering if they should call the other person, and one last part showed a girl who loved running alone in the middle of the night, but eventually makes a friend to run with. All of this took place at four in the morning and seemed to show different people’s thoughts and feelings during this dark time of night. All of the different parts of the play had strong messages and addressed themes that are not always talked about.

As always, this year’s One Acts show was a fun and exciting activity to attend. All of the student actors worked hard and played their parts very well, bringing deep emotions out of the audience. The student directors also did an amazing job selecting the actors for their plays and overseeing their individual shows. Congratulations to the CFHS theater students for their hard work that definitely paid off!