Marching band’s got talent

Anya Hutchison, Junior Contributor

It has been a great year for the CFHS marching band. They were featured at an OMEA marching band contest as the only show band, won the Best Band in Northeast Ohio contest on, had a big trip to Chicago and were featured on “America’s Got Talent” in Cleveland on Dec. 10 to be aired at a later date.

It was announced to the members on Dec. 1 that the directors got a call from “America’s Got Talent.” Producers saw that the marching band won the contest on and wanted them to be featured on their show.

The members arrived some time after noon and waited to go through the notary checking process. They had to check IDs and make sure everyone had a permission slip was notarized.

After waiting about an hour, the band was taken to the waiting room where those auditioning waited for their numbers to be called. This was where the band members were filmed. The members were scattered throughout the waiting room with the contestants. After a while, the filming of the band started.

Producers had different sections of the band sit separately in small groups. When the members first started playing “Happy” by Pharrell Williams on their instruments, everyone was sitting down. Then, everyone stood up one group at a time. The filming process took a couple of takes.

Eventually, it was time to play “Don’t Stop Believing” by Journey. A lot of the people danced, including the band members, when it was played.

Filming finally ended around 5:00 pm. Everyone was tired and ready to go home. The band had arrived at the high school at 10:00 am to get ready and practice for a couple of hours before leaving, and they did not arrive back at the high school until around 6:00 pm.

Although they were tired, the band had fun at such an exciting event after great, long marching season.